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“I develop property as advocate for individuals, developers and organisations in Victoria, with honesty, cast-iron integrity, fairness, care for others and care for the planet”

- JAMIE FEATHERSTONE, Founder, Seven Child

Gig economy
I work within the "gig economy" as it is now described; an environment embracing temporary positions where organizations contract with independent workers for projects (gigs) rather than committing to payrolled staff. This eliminates costs for recruitment, holiday, sick-pay, non-productive time, redundancy, premises and business tech.

Transparency and flexibility
Cloud-based technology gives clients 24-7 access to all project communications, tasks and documentation from any device. Or I can work with client systems and processes or a hybrid of both.

End-to-end or specific elements
Management of the property development process, end-to-end, or only specific phases of the process. The service can be tailored to suit client needs.


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What others say...

Jamie is a very professional and capable project management specialist. I found him to be a man of the highest integrity, committed to thoroughness and excellence. His ability to provide important detail with accuracy is second to none.


Halftime Global Partners
Worked with Jamie for many years now and is very proactive and driven. Provides a quality service to clients and brings a team approach to his projects.


McKenzie Group Building Surveyors
"We were recently involved in the re-development of an existing brown field site to create residential units where Jamie Featherstone acted as Project Manager for the scheme and we were the Building Designers. Jamie controlled the project with authority and showed sound knowledge of technical construction throughout the pre-development and development stages and we would have no reservations in working with him again."


David Clarke & Associates
“We have recently been involved in a project of some complexity and have been very capably assisted by Jamie Featherstone. It’s refreshing to work with someone of Jamie’s professionalism; Jamie provides a keen sense of understanding complex issues and has provided the confidence and expertise the project needed to move forward. We have no hesitation in recommending Jamie Featherstone and 7Child as Project Managers”


Crabtrees Real Estate
“Jamie has sound experience in a wide range of property development with special attributes in the project management area. Jamie is highly intelligent, thorough in his control of projects, is held in high esteem by his fellow professionals and is a pleasure to work with. I have no reservations in recommending Jamie and Seven Child as project manager or development manager in the property industry."


Brico Developers
"Jamie was ethical and accountable in all our dealings. Jamie set concise and well documented briefs which ensured a clarity of role and enabled the easy delivery of our advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jamie for a role as a Development/Project Manager"


Urbis Melbourne
"In the course of our numerous meetings and communications it was evident that Jamie has a sound working knowledge of construction and the technicalities associated with residential development."


Thomson Adsett Architects
“His consistent performance and dedication is a credit to him. Jamie has always been held in high regard by those with whom he worked. I have no hesitation in recommending Jamie to any prospective employer as any employer who puts their trust in Jamie will be duly rewarded."


Brico Developers
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Level 19, 644 Chapel Street South Yarra Vic 3141 (also in Mount Martha)


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03 9823 6288

Service index

COLLABORATION CLOUD ... Atlassian Trello is used to track projects.  Trello gives clients and project actors 24 hour-7-day access, from any device, in real time, to the status of all current project tasks, related communications and all current documentation.

CONSTRUCTION PHASE MANAGEMENT ...  'sitting' between the client and the contractor as the client's agent acting as a 'fence' and negotiation bridge between the two parties.

DESIGN MANAGEMENT ... managing the inputs and outputs to and from architect, engineers, drafters, surveyors and others.  This is essential to ensure no conflict in inter-dependent elements and reduces the potential for non-compliance, rework during construction and ensuing delay costs.

DEVELOPER ADVOCACY ... a personal and professional approach with cast-iron integrity, acting in best interest of the developer in all matters.

DOCUMENTATION CLOUD ... integration between Trello and Dropbox to provide project actors with 24-7 access to all project documentation and from any device.  In fact, all current project documents and current status can even be accessed with a single click from any email.

DOCUMENTATION CONTROL ... any project needs a gatekeeper that seeks, secures and promulgates documentation, then manages its currency.

FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY ... It is for the client to establish the feasibility of developments.  However, tools are available to assist with analysis before and after land purchase.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ... property developers need more than a 'CPA Accountant'.  More important is a deep understanding of development costs and the inter-dependency of development tasks.  Competence with industry tools for scheduling and financial feasibility is a must.  This facilitates accurate reporting and reliable forecasting of P&L and cash flow.

FORMAL CONTRACT DRAFTING & APPOINTMENT ... working alongside or without the client's lawyer to draft standard forms of contract for engaging the contractor.

FUNDING APPLICATION DOCUMENTATION ... banks, lenders and equity providers require stringent financial analysis of developments before considering their involvement.  Assistance is available for the submission of high quality supporting documentation.

PERMITS ... managing submissions to controlling authorities and liaising with Council officers to secure planning approval.

PROCUREMENT OF CONSULTANTS & CONTRACTORS ... working relationships exist with a network of connections in Victoria, established over 10 years, giving clients access to many reputable and trustworthy firms.

SCHEDULE CREATION & MANAGEMENT ... knowing your way around Microsoft Project is one thing but it takes years of experience, and a knowledge across multiple disciplines and development phases, to both assemble a credible development schedule and maintain it.

TECHNICAL ADVICE & SUPPORT ... whether it is ad hoc advice, or a shadow PM arrangement, advice and support is a given.

TEAM MANAGEMENT ... sitting at the hub of a network channelling communications and managing progress.  Always acting with professionalism and respect for the skill and experience of the team involved in any property development.  Testimonials underline the positive approach used and completed developments underline the results achieved.



Do you manage commercial developments, residential developments, or both?

Both.  But not medium-rise or high-rise apartment developments as Principle Manager (can support the Principle though).

What are your rates?

It depends on the scope.  The demand on management time varies with the stage of the development process and the scope of the desired role.  Generally outsourcing costs 15-20% more per productive hour* but, obviously, this needs to be weighed against the flexibility of the engagement and the elimination of non-productive costs and the elimination of overheads. A written fee proposal is offered to accommodate your requirements.

*A typical cost to payroll a manager is illustrated by clicking here.

Do you charge by the hour or a fixed price?

Both. The most economical way to engage is by the hour. Charges are by the minute (2-minute-minimum increments). Integrity is key so, if a project task takes 3 minutes, the charge is 3 minutes (not rounded-up to 10 or 15 minutes as is common). Certain functions can be offered on a fixed cost, examples being construction tender, formal contract negotiation and construction phase management.

Can you give an opinion on the feasibility of a development at land purchase?

Yes, I have the tools and expertise to give an opinion, subject to the limitations within my trading terms and conditions.  I cannot give financial advice though.

Send any further questions to and I will get back to you.


The person behind 7c...

Jamie Featherstone left behind a promising career in information technology to enter the construction industry, as a trade apprentice, in 1985. Becoming an accomplished craftsman, he subsequently worked through the roles in a commercial construction office before entering senior management. In the 90s he spent seven years as MD of his family’s business, employing 70 staff. In the 2000s, Jamie became immersed in residential construction and has managed all phases of the development process.

Moving his young family to Victoria in 2007, Jamie experienced a roller-coaster ride to secure employment through the global financial crisis, which included unemployed periods and periods within well-known Australian construction brands and an internet start-up business. Taking an opportunity presented to him in 2013, to manage multiple industrial developments in Victoria, Jamie established Seven Child.

Jamie is a Registered Building Practitioner with the VBA and Project Management Professional accredited with the PMI. He has an MBA degree and numerous other business, construction and technology-related credits to his name.

Over the past decade he has successfully managed more than $400 million of residential and commercial property development for himself, JV partners, private individuals, employers and customers of his employers, including ASX-listed companies.

Why is the company called 'Seven Child'? You'll need to ask Jamie...