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COLLABORATION CLOUD ... 24 hour-7-day access, from any device, in real time, to the status of all current project tasks, related communications and all current documentation.

CONSTRUCTION PHASE MANAGEMENT ...  'sitting' between the client and the contractor as the client's agent acting as a 'fence' and negotiation bridge between the two parties.

DESIGN MANAGEMENT ... managing the inputs and outputs to and from architect, engineers, drafters, surveyors and others.  This is essential to ensure no conflict in inter-dependent elements and reduces the potential for non-compliance, rework during construction and ensuing delay costs.

DEVELOPER ADVOCACY ... acting in best interest of the developer in all matters.

DOCUMENTATION CLOUD ... integration between Trello and Dropbox to provide project actors with 24-7 access to all project documentation and from any device.

DOCUMENTATION CONTROL ... any project needs a gatekeeper that seeks, secures and promulgates documentation, then manages its currency.

FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY ... tools available to assist with analysis before and after land purchase.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ... robust understanding of development costs and the inter-dependency of development tasks.  Competence with industry tools for scheduling and financial feasibility.  This facilitates accurate reporting and reliable forecasting of P&L and cash flow.

FORMAL CONTRACT DRAFTING & APPOINTMENT ... working alongside or without legal professionals to draft standard forms of contract for engaging the contractor.

FUNDING APPLICATION DOCUMENTATION ... banks, lenders and equity providers require stringent financial analysis of developments before considering their involvement.  Assistance is available for the submission of high quality supporting documentation.

PERMITS ... managing submissions to controlling authorities and liaising with Council officers to secure planning approval.

PROCUREMENT OF CONSULTANTS & CONTRACTORS ... working relationships exist with a network of connections in Victoria, established over 10 years, giving clients access to many reputable and trustworthy firms.

SCHEDULE CREATION & MANAGEMENT ... leveraging years of experience, and a knowledge across multiple disciplines and development phases, to both assemble a credible development schedule and maintain it.


TEAM MANAGEMENT ... sitting at the hub of a network channeling communications and managing progress.  Always acting with professionalism and respect for the skill and experience of the team involved in any property development.