Elmsett post mill circa 1860

This unusual dwelling was part of a larger project in deepest rural Suffolk.  The soft red brick and lime mortar superstructure was all that remained of the original 19th century post mill with planning consent for protection.


Pre-demolition relic


Permission was sought to demolish and rebuild, which was successfully negotiated with the local authority, so the relic was hand-dismantled for re-use.


Architectural plans and section


Not one room of the modern rebuild had a box-like structure and most of the components had to be either purpose made or detailed on site to fit.  Unusual features:

  • Bespoke curved stone kitchen worktops to suit the radius of the ground floor.
  • Circular traditional lead-rolled roof above ground floor.
  • Powder-coated steel spiral staircase serving four floors.
  • 1 hour fire-resistant walls to stairwell constructed using high-integrity glass blocks (for light transference) on purpose made structural steel support structure.
  • Functioning block and tackle facility at upper roof level along with purpose made wide-opening windows at levels 1 and 2 so that large furniture items can be hoisted externally (thus avoiding the limited internal access of the stairwell).


Architectural exterior elevations


Note the block and tackle at roof level; it’s not a faux feature, it is actually needed to hoist furniture to levels 1 and 2.  Moving a sofa to the upper levels via the spiral staircase shaft was not an option.


Construction phase


Feature in The Times newspaper


Private investors



Mill Lane, Elmsett.  28 luxury homes, some on acreage lots.  Sale value in excess of $30m.



Project Manager, responsible for:

  • Development of town planning approved design to Building Permit compliance
  • Development cost estimate
  • Negotiation and procurement of all construction phase resources
  • Management of demolition phase
  • Management of civil works
  • Management of construction phase through to handover
  • Financial valuations for progress payments